PTP Timestamp Unit

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NetTimeLogic’s PTP Timestamp Unit is an implementation of a single port Frame Timestamp Unit (TSU) according to IEEE1588-2008 (PTP). It detects PTP frames on a (R)(G)MII tap and timestamps PTP event frames based on a Counter Clock and provides them delay compensated to a PTP Software stack (e.g. PTPd, PTP4l, etc…). The Timestamp Unit can work as PTP Ordinary Clock (OC) as Master and Slave; it can also be used to build a PTP Boundary Clock (BC) by having multiple instances of the IP core connected to multiple Ethernet ports. All configuration can be written, and timestamps read via an AXI4Light-Slave Register interface.

The IP core comes with a Linux Driver fpr the Xilinx(R) Zynq 70xx

Block Diagram

PTP Timestamp Unit


Synchronization Accuracy

TSU Accuracy

100ns per division on oscilloscope

The synchronization accuracy achieved with a 50MHz oscillator is around +/-25ns


  • PTP Timestamp Unit according to IEEE1588-2008
  • PTP frame detection
  • PTP event frame timestamping
  • Taps path between MAC and PHY
  • Synchronization accuracy: +/- 25ns
  • Support for Layer 2 (Ethernet) and Layer 3 (Ip), VLAN, HSR and PRP, Peer to Peer (P2P) and End to End (E2E).
  • Master and Slave support
  • Full line speed
  • AXI4 Light register set
  • Configurable Interrupt
  • PHY Delay compensation with automatic link speed detection
  • MII/GMII/RGMII Interface support (optional AXI4 stream for interconnection to 3rd party cores)
  • Linux Driver (MACB & TSU Zynq 70xx)
  • Timestamp resolution with 50 MHz system clock: 10ns

Licensing & Pricing

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  • Project Source Code: 3400$
  • Site Source Code: 6200$

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Evaluation binaries available for Digilent's Arty Z7 development boards or as Modelsim(R) precompiled libraries => contact us for free access

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