TSN Analyzer

PPF proved

NetTimeLogic developed a TSN analyzer tool for demonstration and debugging purposes of TSN Networks.
It receives frames via a normal Ethernet port and shows the timely occurance of different traffic classes based either on PCAP timestamps, or hardware timestamps as VSS trailers. It either shows the number of frames received in a 10us window or the number of bytes received in a 10us window.
It is designed for three different traffic classes: high, medium and low priority trafficand it can be choosen which VLAN priorities belong to which priority class. The graphs can be filtered on a per priority base.

The TSN Anaylzer is free of charge with any TSN IP core from NetTimeLogic


TSN Screen

Red: high priority, Yellow: medium priority: Green: low priority

Config Screen

This is the screen to change the individual VLAN priorities and which graphs shall be shown


  • 10us time windows
  • Frame count or Byte count
  • Freely assign VLAN priorities to traffic classes
  • 3 traffic classes
  • Normal Ethernet port
  • Hardware or Software timestamping
  • Enable and disable individual traffic classes
  • Longterm measurements (up to 1 seconds)

Licensing & Pricing

The TSN analyzer is not for sale, it is free of charge as a tool as part of NetTimeLogic's TSN IP cores, but we share the TSN analyzer with you if you are also part of the IIC(R) testbed.

If you are interested => contact us