All our cores are source code licenses and are either a project or site license. License fees are one time fees, no royalties apply.

  • A project license allows you to use the IP core for ONE specific Project/Product which can be developed on AS MANY development sites as desired.
  • A site license allows you to use the IP core for AS MANY Projects/Products as desired which can be developed on ONE specific development site.

Project licenses can be upgraded into site licenses at the cost of the difference plus 500 US$ handling fee. Downgrading from site licenses to project licenses is not possible. Multiple licenses for the same product by the same company (e.g project licenses for multiple projects or site licenses for multiple sites of a company) profit of a discount of 10% on the additional licenses.

NetTimeLogic is part of the SignOnce program and uses a minimal adapted SignOnce License-Agreements.

The license terms for both, project and site license can be seen below.

Project License

SignOnce_Project.pdf SignOnce_Project.pdf
Size : 106.079 Kb
Type : pdf

Site License

SignOnce_Site.pdf SignOnce_Site.pdf
Size : 105.854 Kb
Type : pdf