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FPGA Services

As with CPUs also FPGAs get bigger and bigger and more and more complex. With our experience and know how we are able to cope with even the most complex designs. We set the focus in our development on modularity, reusability, simulation and testability which in the end often leads to simplicity even if the design is very large and in itself complex. This allows us to use the same development flow for simple and very complex designs.

We use source control, ticketing and automated build systems to keep track of the development and simplify the development flow.

We can help you in every step of FPGA development: from simple entities to complete IP core solutions:

  • Design, Concept and Architecture of your system
  • Custom IP core and modules development
  • Resource and power estimations
  • Implementation of entities
  • Module level testbenches
  • Testbench frameworks
  • Transaction based top level testbenches with stimuli files
  • Stimuli files for testbenches
  • Simulation scripting for Modelsim
  • Project scripting for AMD, Intel, Microsemi ...
  • Timing constraints
  • Pinout constraints
  • Placement constraints for very high frequency designs
  • Timing closure
  • Synthesis
  • Place and Route optimization
  • Hardware test platforms
  • Stimuli files for hardware test platforms
  • Debugging on hardware
  • Regression testing
  • Deployment and continuous integration
  • Maintenance
  • Education
  • And much more ...

We use FPGAs of the following vendors, depending on the customers choice:


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FPGA Design Expertise

We have experience in a wide area of FPGA based designs, this is just a short summary of the most recent designs we worked on:

  • Interfacing of high-speed ADCs and high-speed DACs
  • Preeprocessing of ADC data (Filtering, Resampling etc.)
  • AM modulation and demodulation
  • Signal pattern and Frequencygenerator
  • PPS analyzing device
  • Data acquisition Unit
  • Ethernet Network Tap with VSS Monitoring Trailer
  • Time Sensitive Network Analyzer (TSN)
  • Hardware Ethernet Frame Sender and Receiver (OPC-UA Talker/Listener)
  • Synchronization of distributed systems via PTP (IEEE1588), NTP IRIG-B, NMEA, PPS, GPS and DCF
  • High availability networks with PRP and HSR support (IEC62439) and FRER (IEEE802.1CB)
  • Ethernet Network Switch
  • Ethernet based communication, MAC in an FPGA
  • Real-time Ethernet core in an FPGA
  • PC to FPGA communication for register access and data acquisition
  • Servo loops in FPGA
  • Infrared communication link
  • LED matrix controller
  • VGA Display controller
  • Flash and RAM controller
  • SPI and I2C controller
  • Digital Data Filtering
  • Data acquisition unit and data pre-processing
  • Softcore (NIOS II, Microblaze, RiscV) integration and SoC (AMD Zynq and Intel Cyclone SoC) development
  • AXI Slave and Master implementations
  • Transaction based testbenches and hardware test platforms
  • Design porting between different FPGA vendors and FPGA families
  • FPGA Workshops at Dock18 (code & presentation, video)
  • And much more ...

For our designs, we developed a library with the most common building blocks (RAM, FIFOs, AXI, CRC calculation, etc.) and a simulation framework and library (PPS, PTP, IRIG, UART, AXI, etc.) that can be reused and extended for new projects to save time for the development.

We are also proud to be a member of the AMD, Intel and Lattice PartnerPrograms:


Programming Languages

  • Design entry:
    • VHDL (preferred)
    • Verilog
  • Verification:
    • VHDL
    • TCL
    • ASCII Text
  • Synthesis, place and route, static timing analysis:
    • TCL
    • QSF
    • SDC
    • XDC
    • UCF

Development Tools

  • Design Concept:
    • Microsoft Visio
    • Microsoft Word
  • Design entry:
    • Notepad ++
    • Eclipse
    • Xilinx IPI
    • Altera QSYS
    • ...
  • Verification:
    • Mentor Graphics Modelsim
  • Synthesis, place and route, static timing analysis:
    • AMD Vivado
    • Intel Quartus
    • Lattice Diamond
    • Microsemi Libero
    • ...
  • Debugging
    • AMD ChipScope
    • Intel SignalTap
    • ...
  • Continuous Integration
    • GIT
    • Jenkins
    • ...


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