NetTimeLogic provides design services in the areas of FPGA and embedded software development, especially in the areas of time synchronization and network redundancy. From requirements engineering over custom IP core development, OS porting, drivers, GUIs and testing to education and consulting, we can help you to bring your system to a success.

With our 20+ years of experience and certification in FPGA- and software-development and product- and project management we bring in our expertise to design the best possible solution for you; always following our motto "swiss quality engineering - highest quality, always on time!".

We understand your needs and can give you support to develop a best in class product.

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This is just a selection of industries we work for:

Finance Industry Audio and Video Industry Sensor Industry Measure Industry IOT Industry Automation Industry Telecom Industry Robotic Industry Industrial Industry Science Industry Transport Industry Energy Industry Chip Industry


We develop FPGA firmware in VHDL and Verilog. From simple entities to complete IP core solution we can help you with everything related to FPGA development:

  • Design, Concept and Architecture of your system
  • Custom IP core development
  • Resource and power estimations
  • Implementation of entities
  • Modul level testbenches
  • Testbench frameworks
  • Transaction based top level testbenches with stimuli files
  • Stimuli files for testbenches
  • Simulation scripting for modelsim
  • Project scripting for Xilinx, Intel/Altera, Microsemi ...
  • Timing constraints
  • Pinout constraints
  • Placement constraints for very high frequency designs
  • Timing closure
  • Synthesis
  • Place and Route
  • Hardware test platforms
  • ...

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Embedded Software

We develop embedded software in C/C++. From OS porting over simple units over drivers and test applications to complete software stacks or software solution we can help you with everything related to embedded software development:

  • Design, Concept and Architecture of your system
  • Implementation of units
  • Implementation of unit tests
  • Embedded software
  • Operating system porting (Linux)
  • Linux driver development
  • Server/Client network applications (TCP/IP, UDP/IP or Raw)
  • Low level applications without OS
  • Network stacks
  • Host applications on Windows and Linux
  • ...

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We can help you in many areas:

  • Design, Concept and Architecture reviews
  • Code reviews
  • Trainings/Education
    • Synchronization Protocols
    • Network Redundancy Protocols
    • Time Sensitive Networking
    • We can tailor our trainings to your needs
  • Tutorials
  • ...

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