ISPCS proved

NetTimeLogic's PTP Tap allows to monitor a single 100Mbit link between two PTP devices. It intercepts the path between two 100Mbit ethernet ports. It is minimal intrusive (except delay and PHY jitter ~ 50ns). It merges all PTP frames (or all frames depending on configuration) from both sides to a 1000Mbit uplink. In addition it adds to the frame a VSS monitoring trailer which contains the source (side) and a timestamp when the frame was received before forwarding it to the uplink. This timestamp can optionally be synchronized via PTP via fourth port. A tool like Wireshark(TM) or PTP Track Hound(TM) can then be used to analyse the frames and their timely occurance.

=> in beta phase (tested at ISPCS 2017) 


This is an example of a design with the optional PTP OC for synchronization of the timestamp



  • Inserted into a PTP path
  • Merges PTP streams to one
  • Allows to analyze also link local traffic (e.g. PDelay or unicast PTP frames)
  • Minimal intrusive (except of delay and PHY jitter)
  • Adds a VSS Monitoring trailer
  • PTP synchronized VSS Monitoring trailer timestamp
  • Merged stream can be analysed with Wireshark or PTP Track Hound

Licensing & Pricing

Free of charge when one of NetTimeLogic's PTP (OC, HC, GM or SO) IP cores was purchased


Evaluation binaries available for Digilent's NetFPGA 1G CML develolopment board => contact us for free access