Welcome to NetTimeLogic, your partner for FPGA vendor independent time synchronization and network redundancy solutions.
We offer swiss quality engineering - highest quality, always on time!


With our product portfolio we can offer complete time synchronization and network redundancy solutions which can be tailored to your needs.

We offer low foot print FPGA-only PTP, PPS, IRIG, GPS, NMEA, RTC and CLOCK synchronization cores as well as HSR and PRP network redundancy cores.

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NetTimeLogic is your partner for synchronization and network redundancy solutions in the field of embedded systems. With our expertise in all kind of synchronization protocols and FPGA core development we can offer you out-of-the-box synchronization products or customized synchronization solutions.

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  • 2017-11-14 NetTimeLogic developed and provides a PPS Analyzer device for the swiss PTP Plugfest =>  read more
  • 2017-10-03 NetTimeLogic is proud organizer and sponsor of the first swiss PTP Plugfest in Winterthur =>  read more
  • 2017-09-12 Successful testing of our cores at ISPCS2017, NetTimeLogic introduced the logo for all the cores tested sucessfuly at ISPCS 2015/2016/2017 => read more
  • 2017-08-18 PTP Tap beta version released => read more
  • 2017-07-19 HSR/PRP Manual released => read more
  • 2017-06-16 HSR/PRP released => read more
  • 2017-04-01 NetTimeLogic is proud Silver sponsor of ISPCS2017 in Monterey => read more
  • 2017-03-18 NMEA Master released => read more
  • 2017-03-14 NetTimeLogic at Embedded World in Nurnberg
    2017-02-10 Pricing of all our products updated
  • 2017-01-06 RTC Master Clock released => read more
  • 2016-12-28 Free Configuration Tool beta release => read more
  • 2016-12-08 NetTimeLogic announces Real Time Clock (RTC) Master core allowing to read and write RTC clocks via I2C without time format conversion. Clock accuracy in the range of +/- 100 ns is achieved. This allows storing and recovering time from a non volatile storage => read more
  • 2016-11-09 IRIG-B Master and Slave released => read more
  • 2016-10-28 IRIG-B up and running andsynchronizing accurate to +/-20 ns
  • 2016-10-27 NetTimeLogic moved the Headquarter to it's new office
  • 2016-09-04 NetTimeLogic is testing and presenting at the ISPCS2016
  • 2016-08-25 First redundant PTP node ready for beta testing
  • 2016-08-24 NetTimeLogic is partnering with Enclustra GmbH, not only will we share our expertise but also we will use Enclustra's Mars series AX3/PM3 hardware for additional reference designs => read more

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Upcoming Events

Visit us at ISPCS2018: Sep. 30th - Oct. 5th, 2018 at CERN, Switzerland and see our IP cores live

Past Events

Visit us at the swiss PTP Plugfest: Nov. 28, 2017 in Winterthur, Switzerland and test with us

Visit us at ISPCS2017: Aug. 27th - Sep. 1th, 2017 in Monterey, USA and see our IP cores live at our sponsoring table or the plugfest.

Visit us at Embedded World 2017: March 14th -16th, 2017 and arrange a meeting

Visit us at ISPCS2016: Sep. 4th - 9th, 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden and see our IP cores live at our sponsoring table or the plugfest.